ArtPakk Size 10

Size: 1450mm x 2000mm

ArtPakk Size 10 – order code AP10

Box Quantity 5 units

20cm Flap
Label Holder 85x55mm

142x198cm 55 7/8 x 77 15/16 inch
145x200cm 57 1/16 x 78 3/4 inch
10cm / 4 inch 142x208cm 55 7/8 x 81 7/8 inch

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Measuring your artwork to make sure it fits?

We have created a calculator to help you decide which bag size fits your artwork.

Measure the width, length and depth and enter the measurements into our “best match calculator” here.

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The bags are made up of 3 different layers bonded together, giving a total of a 6mm consistent protective material.